About Us

The Company

We tell you a piece of Italian taste and style. This is the story of Caffè Fantini, a Roman roaster that has lived according to a criterion in an artisan way since the 1960s: quality. Fantini, which is the Caffè di Roma, is also Caffè Filippetti, a brand born in 1864, whose history therefore sinks well before the unification of Italy. In the world, Fantini is known in 18 different countries, from Canada to Australia. It has such an experience that today it allows us to express the best of Italian excellence in all its variations: from espresso coffee to a various production that also brings together decaffeinated, ginseng, barley, herbal tea, chocolate, coffee added with "superfood" . Caffè Fantini is "the" coffee. It is the Italian style that makes itself home, that smacks of art, fashion, culture, experiences to be enjoyed and appreciated.

Caffè Fantini's


Caffè Fantini has it's own philosophy: an artisan job able to fascinate and to treat the grains, especially during roasting and preservation. Customer care is our way of seeing the world. In fact, those who offer coffee are a bearer of culture and experience and it is right to be the active protagonist of training processes. This, bearing in mind two aspects: tradition and innovation.

Caffè and Coloniali

The Project

Fantini is on an innovative journey linked to the world of cafeterias and hospitality. It is part of Caffè and Coloniali, a project that enhances the products aiming at a high quality clientele. It is the right mediation, for example, between those who want to enjoy an espresso and carve out a moment for themselves. Taking a coffee, tea, or drinking hot chocolate becomes more and more a fascinating social and cultural experience. The project takes up the tradition and the preciousness of the ancient colonial companies that crossed the Oceans routes between the sixteenth and the eighteenth century to bring spices and valuable products to Europe.

Caffè and Coloniali


At Caffè and Coloniali we find only the excellences of the preciousness that make the world truly extraordinary. So, in addition to the coffee blends that can be enjoyed in different variations - from the classic Italian espresso to the typical Turkish coffee cooked in the sand - you can taste teas, herbal teas, chocolates with takeaway glasses. Caffè and Coloniali project is a travel experience in time and on the continents.