4 Stelle

1Kg - article 101-098-006
500 Gr -article 101-098-516

A medium roast blend with fantastic body and softness capable of giving velvety final. This blend is appreciated by connoisseurs who love the feel of coffee due to the most fine Arabica grains coming from Costa Rica and Guatemala. A hint of chocolate and fruity after taste due to washed indian canephora

Selection Roma

1Kg - article 101-303-006
500 Gr -article 101-003-516

A cup of coffee with flavour well balanced and intense, with a hint of spicy notes that gives a superior ending taste due to the best Arabica washed coffee from central America African canephora. A sweet persistent coffee, it is one fo the most konwn blends for softness and roundness of taste, ideal for daily customers


1Kg - article 101-001-006
500 Gr -article 101-002-516

Blend made of selected coffee grains from Brasil, milds from central America, Indian and Indonesian fine origins. Its roasting gives optimum aroma and roundness, intense flavor and hints of chocolate. A velvety palate taste, a persistent after taste with pleasant caramelized notes

Extra Bar

1Kg - article 101-030-006

A strong taste due to a medium dark roast blend. A long persistent, full - bodied and great aromatic sensations. A tenuous acidity and an incredible soft final taste. This blend offers a great aroma and a creamy espresso with a persistent after taste, a perfect espresso for all tastes

Argento Roma

1Kg - article 101-002-006
500 Gr - article 101-002-516

A gently roundnesss taste. A precious blend with an excellent full-bodied taste with a slight touch of sweet acidity. A balanced aromatic coffee that melts fine Arabica from Colombia and Costa Rica with the best kinds of Robusta, of intense flavor, from central Africa, Argento is a very known coffee able to transfer all it's intensity through milk

Bio Caffe Organic

1Kg - article 151-001-006

Aromatic cup with fine acidity just mentioned, fruity notes and an intense aroma of cocoa. Marked aftertaste that recalls dark chocolate


500 Gr - article 111-005-516

The best coffee grains from central and south America carefully roasted and blended to produce a full-bodied and soft cup. This blend is decaffeinated with modern procedures to ensure purity and to preserve the taste and aroma of the classic espresso. An experience of espresso for any time of day

Mellow Blend

Description Coming Soon

Ground Espresso

Gusto Arabica

250 Grams
article 100-126-424

Blend composed mainly of Arabica coffee subjected to a light roasting, so as to enhance the qualities of sweetness and pleasantness

Gusto Classico

250 Grams
article 100-125-424

A blend with medium roast, excellent body and a pleasant acidity that offers a soft and velvety final touch.

This is a dedicated coffee for those who appreciate the flavors and aromas of Arabica coffees. A touch of chocolate and a fruity aftertaste from the best Indian washed Canephora.

Coffee Pods

Star Rossa

200 Pcs - article 132-001-200
10 Pcs - articles 132-001-010

Taste with a long persistence with strong personality, ideal for those who love the full and round taste. a thin acidity and an incredible soft ending.

Star Deca

200 Pcs - article 112-997-200
10 Pcs - articles 112-997-010

The best coffees from CenterAmerica for a perfect combination of sweetness and fullness, to be enjoyed at any time of the day

Star Oro

200 Pcs - article 132-022-200
10 Pcs - article 132-022-010

A great blend of coffee in a pod with persistent body and aroma, offering an interesting variety of sensations and flavors

Coffee Capsules

Gusto Arabica Espresso

Nespresso Compatible

Description Coming Soon

Dec Espresso

Nespresso Compatible
100 Pcs-article 143-141-100 10
Pcs-article 143-141-010

The best decaffeinated coffees from Center and South America carefully roasted and blended to produce a sweet and full body cup. An espresso's experience for any moment of the day

Bar Espresso

Nespresso Compatible
100 Pcs - article 143-003-100
10 Pcs - article 143-003-010

Able to offering a long persistence of the espresso's taste, with excellent body, low acidity and an incredibly soft ending. This blend offers an excellent aroma and creamy espresso with a persistent aftertaste perfect for all palates.

Grinded Coffees

Miscela Black

250 Grams
article 100-198-406

A finely - structured coffee with a sweet intensity, a refined taste and aroma given by the finest Arabica coffee.

Miscela Dek

250 Grams
article 100-105-406

A well - balanced and intense cup with a spicy note tip and a fantastic ending. A harmonious and Intense aroma.

Miscela Gold

250 Grams
article 100-105-406

Softly round. A precious blend with an excellent body and a slight touch of sweet acidity.

Miscela Silver

250 Grams
article 100-105-406

The best coffees from Central America carefully roasted and blended to produce a sweet and full body cup.

Sugar and Sweeteners

Brown Sugar

Package: 1 Tablespoon

White Sugar

Package: 1 Tablespoon


Caffe Crema Freddo

Package: 1Kg

Cold coffee Slush